Some People Think that Young People Can Learn Useful Skills by Playing Electronic and Computer Games.

Some People Think that Young People Can Learn Useful Skills

Some people think that young people can learn useful skills by playing electronic and computer games. Others argue that people who play electronic and computer games are wasting their time. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

People have different views about youngsters playing digital games and acquiring skills. While some people disagree with this idea and consider that they throw away their time. I would have to support a restricted amount of game time for their intellectual development.

Some games definitely require the presence of mind. In recent years, myriads of gaming devices and online games are at the disposal of a spectrum of genres based on age and interest. A good illustration of this can be seen with young children as they can learn easily if the content is presented to them in form of a game such as Word Builder that helps learn word recognition, spelling and letter-sound etcetera. In addition, it is beneficial in learning about the latest technologies, software and hardware configuration requirements on various digital platforms. Moreover, the gaming industry offers a gamut of carrier options for individuals who have a deep interest in digital gaming. They could scale up as a programmer, graphics designer, or possibly an entrepreneur someday.

On the other hand, I can understand the arguments against digital games as time wastage. The main reason for this is that adolescents easily tend to addiction and would not know when to cease. For instance, youngsters have been crazy about the digital game PUBG lately, which is a clear case of time killing. Another reason is that smart youngsters could easily turn study devices such as laptops or iPad into gaming devices. It could not be realized that the valuable study time is transferred to digital distraction.

In the end, it can be concluded that there are good reasons why youngsters should spend time on electronic and computer games, but in my opinion, it should be restricted to a safe limit to prevent becoming a habit.

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