Some People Today Believe that The World’s Increase in Population Is Unsustainable

Some people today believe that the world’s increase in population is unsustainable and will eventually lead to a global crisis. Other people believe that the world population increase is necessary and beneficial as it creates the growth of the world’s economy and society. Discuss both these views and give your opinion.

The population plays a significant role in the development of a nation. Although some segment of society deems that whether the rise in population generates crises in the economy or it gives positive impacts on the nation and helps to attain growth in the economy. Both views make great sense, but I am in favour of the first view, and I will discuss my view with relevant aspects.

To trigger with the first view, if the population is increasing day by day in the economy it generates the situation of widespread unemployment because of fewer jobs opportunities and a great number of people who seek for job and with this the growth of nation will suffer if not strict action should be taken. Moreover, it also promotes the situation of food crises in an economy due to the fewer food resources. The land is limited on earth, and if the population increase, the land of crops should be allocated to dwellers for staying and without proper food in a nation increase the level of food crises in a country.

Moving ahead, If the population is not accelerating, it also has a bad impact on the nation because it is a threat to the human resource. In other words, if the population start falling, the population is decreasing day by day, and it is a danger for the human species that human resource can be extinct one day. Marching further, With the growing population, the innovative ideas also rise and assist in the growth of a nation and affect a nation in a positive manner because with this, the ability to explore natural resources is increase that helps a nation to be developed more.

To conclude, As both viewpoints have their own opinions such an increasing population helps to boost the economy and also help in the survival of mankind, but it also contains the terrible situation of unemployment and food crises, but in my opinion, the government should try to maintain a limit among the population so that they can combat the situation of increasing population or decreasing population.

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