Some Think that Fathers Should Have Time Off from Work After the Birth of A Child (7) (1)

Some Think that Fathers Should Have Time Off from Work After the Birth of A Child

Some think that fathers should have time off from work after the birth of a child. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is true that in most of the cases Male partners continue with their work after they became a father. However, everyone has their own point of view regarding the same.

Every woman wants to be a mother of their own baby in life. Women who do not get this opportunity for any reason no can understand or share their pain. Being pregnant is the happiest thing in one’s life. Carrying a baby inside their womb for nine months, going through thousands of physical, mental, hormonal and emotional changes every day, is not easy. To be pregnant requires lots of care and courage. Delivering the same again involves enormous pain which pregnant women have to go through. That’s the time when they need their family, especially husbands, the most for mental strength.

In India, we do not have this tradition of paternity leave, whereas few countries have this; even in some of the countries, Doctors allow their husbands to be in the labour room so that they can see the pain which their wife is going through. In India, we do not care about the women, intolerable pain before and after delivery. Everyone is only concerned about the baby.

In my opinion, the father must take their paternity leave to be with their wife after the delivery so that they can help their wife with day-to-day work. They can support them mentally, emotionally. I agree they can not share their pain, but they can be the inner strength that a woman needs more in that stage of life.

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