Talk about a city that you visited recently.

Talk about a city that you visited recently.

You should say:

  • what city it is, and where it is
  • when you have visited this city
  • why you liked/disliked it

and explain what influences the city has had on you.

Sample Answer of the Talk about a city that you visited recently.

Today my cue card topic is a city that I had visited recently.

I am a bird of passage and I love to explore new places in my nation and in overseas countries. Although, last month, I traveled to the city known as Chandigarh. it is also known as a union territory and the capital of my province.

Through, the city awarded as the amazing city in the whole nation. Even though, the city was infrastructured by a Swiss-french architect known as sir Corbusier. Certainly, because of the long weekend, I visited the city, by my own vehicle. Initially, I reached over there in the evening and hired a hotel that is in front of the sukna lake along with a beautiful balcony, over there.

After a while, I changed myself and went to the lake for entertainment. I perform boating and some other water activities. over there. The next day, I had a great slip and I planned to visit an Albert museum and a famous art gallery. Eventually, very next to that there is a great public place known as 17-sector and it is the hub of national and international brands.

Luckily, there was a concert in the evening and I watched a movie over there as well in the reputation cineplex. Gradually, the next morning, I woke up early and I travel to the rose garden because there was a flower festival and I enjoyed it there a lot.

More likely, after that, I moved to the rock garden because I am a very history lover and I enjoyed numerous antiques over there along with pictures. More likely, the next day. there is a great place over there known as chalthbir zoo and I watched over there the white Tiger first time in a while.

More likely, in the evening, I went to the biggest supermarket in the province known as the Elements mall. and there were numerous super deals over there and I enjoyed a lot over there. Gratefully, that was my one of the fabulous visit to a smart city.m

Last but not least, if I clinch the opportunity in the future I would love to visit over there again and again because it is a kind of my dream city.

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