Talk about a Piece of Popular News that Has Been Circulating in Local News

Talk about a piece of popular news that has been circulating in local news

  • What the news was about
  • Who told you about the news
  • What do the community think about the news

Sample Answer of Talk about a Piece of Popular News that Has Been Circulating in Local News

Well, news, either it is local or international, play a vital role in keeping any person up to date. So, here I would like to speak about a piece of news that I recently heard from one of my friends. He has been working as a civil engineer, and he told me that a park would be built in my locality. This news brought a smile to my face, and when it circulated in my locality, everyone was happy about the government’s decision. Before this decision, everybody in my locality was leading a sedentary lifestyle. They had no other place to visit, but people could go in the morning and the evening for a walk or exercise when it would be constructed. Besides, it will be a good meeting place for oldsters, homemakers and youngsters as well. They can do study there in the early morning because of its serene ambience in the wee hours. I think community people will make this place enchanting by growing trees and plants. Besides, the people who do not have enough space in their homes to organise any program or social function can organise it there. I think it will be a blessing for people to have a park in their locality. It will add more charm to their hometown. So this is news that I recently heard, and I was over the moon to get it.

Follow-ups Talk about a Piece of Popular News that Has Been Circulating in Local News.

Question 1. Do people read newspapers where they live?

Answer – Yes, people of my locality are up to date, and they like to receive news from various sources like the internet, newspaper and billboards.

Question 2. Do people prefer local or international news?

Answer – Well, people are more interested in getting local news because local news immediately affects their lives. They can get beforehand information about any traffic jam or any construction work that will happen in their locality. But, occasionally, they like to have international news.

Question 3. Do you think it’s important to have a national identity?

Answer – Yes, it is definitely essential to having a national identity because it tells a person’s culture, religion, and language. National identity helps people meet other ones and know about them, so people exchange their culture and food habits with others, bringing people closer to each other. So, it is constructive in maintaining a healthy relationship among people.

Question 4. How can people develop their national identity?

Answer – National identity can be developed by socialising with others. Knowing about a country’s achievements and the sacrifices that martyrs and other great personalities have made to provide us with this identity and love for a nation can help us develop a national identity.

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