Talk about a Thing that You Recently Bought and Felt Happy about It

Talk about a thing that you recently bought and felt happy about it or Describe a thing you bought, and you are happy about

You should say

  • Explain why you bought it?
  • Why you selected this product?
  • From where you purchased it?
  • And explain why you are so happy about it?

Sample Answer of Talk about a thing that you recently bought and felt happy about it or Describe a thing you bought and you are happy about

Nowadays, people had enormous chances to purchase diverse materials as per their desire. Today I would like to talk about one such material I bought very recently: my new phone Samsung M30. As everyone knows, Samsung was a key player in the gadget industry, and after tight completion from new players, they became few steps back. Actually, Samsung M30 is very popular among the public with its mind-blowing look and crystal clear results. Previously I was a great supporter of I Phones, and recently forceful updates and unwanted feature were caused for a plan to shift for me. After regular review checkups and expert opinions, I planned to buy for the same. Social media and other tech reviews help me to know about this. Now I feel happy and interested because this is the piece of equipment I am searching for. Astonishing camera and voice clarity, calling features, user-friendly apps and office tools provided by Samsung itself and instant updates are forcefully to be a great fan of this very product. I recommend this to friends and relatives for their next update.

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Question 1.Did you tell anyone after buying it?

Answer:- Definitely yes. I am the person who always ready to share the experience from the previous occasions. It may help others for familiarizing them with things and understand end to end features. For example, once you fetched the newly introduced item in the market, that may help others for user friendly.

Question 2.What are your thoughts about the trend that people buy new things instead of repairing old ones?

Answer:- In my opinion, these items may help them in the coming future because technology may have upgraded each and every moment. Maybe old things cannot have the facility to accept upgraded versions. On the other hand, on infrequent occasions, we must make some compromise for repairing old ones instead of new ones.

Question 3.What is the product which is consumed most in your country? Why?

Answer:- In my perspective, electronic gadgets and electronic goods are mostly consumed products in my country because, as I mentioned earlier, our technology has upgraded each and every second. Youngsters are the age group who eligible for creating such type of fluctuations in the markets.

Question 4. Is increasing consumerism a good trend?

Answer:- Of course, Due to consumerism, we can buy required products with the help of computers. Due to consumerism market and GDP always fluctuates. Due to consumerism, the world became a single window.

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