Talk about Curtain that You like – Latest IELTS Cue Card

Talk about Curtain that You like – Latest IELTS Cue Card

  • Which curtain is it?
  • When and where did you see it?
  • What it looks like?
  • Why did you like it so much?

Sample answer of Talk about Curtain that You like – Latest IELTS Cue Card

Well, curtains are an essential part of home furnishing, and we install curtains to protect the privacy of a house. Today I would like to talk about the curtain which I saw at my uncle’s home. My uncle is a very rich Businessman, and he spent most of his money on furnishing the house. One thing that really impressed me in the guest room during my stay was the curtain.

It was not regular curtain at all it was a smart curtain that could be operated with the help of remote even when we are snuggling on our bed or on sofa we can operate our curtain through remote. This type of curtain I saw for the first time. My uncle’s guest room faces East, so to stop sharp sunlight special at noon this curtain has few layers.

The first layer of the curtain protect the room from direct rays, but it does not make the room dark. The second-year is semi-transparent, and the third one is opaque, which does not even allow one particle of light to enter the room. The curtain is made up of very expensive silk cloth. The best thing that I like about this curtain was I could control it; lying on my bed gives me a very Royal feeling.

The next morning I inquired about the curtain from my uncle, and he replied that he bought it from Dubai during the shopping fest last year after coming home. I share my experience with my parents as well, and now I to wish to have similar curtains for my room.

Follow-Ups Talk about Curtain that You like – Latest IELTS Cue Card

Question: – what kind of curtains do you like at your home?

Answer:- I like curtains which are easily accessible through remote we can just close down and open up with the help of remote and operate it from anywhere in the room, even if I snuggle on my sofa. And the colour I like the most is lighting pink, which brightens the room.

Question:- what do you think shopping through social sites is better

Answer:- Well it’s totally depends. If you are a very busy person who is not having the time to shop for anything, then it is a very good opportunity to shop everything from social sites by sitting at home or at the office. But as per the shopkeepers perspective,, it gives them loss… As the customer who finds offers online gets attracted to them and shop online .

Question:- What type of clothes do people wear after their jobs?

Answer:- After long hours people please prefer to wear the comfortable clothes at home they prefer to wear pyjamas and t-shirts, trousers and shorts. This type of clothes is comfortable as compared to others.

Question:- in your country do males and females have the same choice of purchasing things?

Answer:- Well, purchasing things actually depends upon the choice and need of things. It doesn’t depends on gender.

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