Talk About Something that You Are Interested to Learn or Improving

Talk about something that you are interested to learn or improving; You should say:-

  • What it is?
  • How would you learn it?
  • Where you can learn it?
  • and explain why you want to learn it?

Sample Answer of Talk About Something that You Are Interested to Learn or Improving

In my life, I have learned a lot of skills such as driving, cooking, dancing and so on. Today, I would like to talk about one skill that is my dream to achieve: painting. As I have been very bad at drawing since childhood, I don’t know how to draw something properly. So I met my old friend who lived in the USA, and now she is a perfect painter in her life. She can make different types of paintings, such as clay sketch portraits, water 3d and many more. Moreover, she is quite active on social with her work, and even on YouTube, she has a channel where she uploads tutorial videos. She promised me that she would teach me the best tricks for painting after this month. Everyone should grab this activity because it’s professional work and has a bright future. And also, it’s an art of working with our imagination which is unique to do.

Follow-ups of Talk About Something that You Are Interested to Learn or Improving

Question 1:- What age will make it difficult for a person to learn a skill?

Answer- After the age of 40 people cannot grab things easily and if they try to be perfect but sometimes they may get back in one of them such as in reading communicating learning about new technology is cannot be able to learn by them.

Question 2:- Will the age of 5 or 20 be better for learning new skills?

Answer- Yes, definitely because toddler minds are developing at this ageing, and they learn a lot visually or theoretical. Parents usually teach them good manners as it is very useful in their future life.

Question 3:- Who will you learn a skill from, friends, teachers or parents?

Answer- I believe all are crucial because every person has their way of talent and methods to achieve things. So for me, teachers are first because they think education and friends teach us life lessons, whereas parents start to teach us how to live a life.

Question 4:- What’s the difference between children learning what they like and learning what they have to learn?

Answer- The youth skill who love to be professional can be easily caught by them, but the pressure work they try to do and score well can take them to depression and bored.

Question 5:- Do you think boys and girls should learn the same skills?

Answer- Yes, there is no difference between males and females in this modern era, and now they all are going to some of the same fields.

Question 6:- Why do boys tend to have better critical thinking skills?

Answer- Boys are very strong, even emotionally, so they may make the best decision in their or someone’s life. They think from their mind, not listening to their heart. But girls are vice-versa.

Question 7:- Do you like to learn new skills constantly?

Answer- No, because taking all the advantages may lead to stress; instead, being perfect in one leads to a good path and more opportunities for everything related to it.

Question 8:- What’s the most difficult thing for learning?

Answer- As per my concern, driving is hard as I have a great deal of fear in my mind, and to tackle this, my father enrolled me in a driving class which will start next week.

Question 9:- What kinds of skills are practical for university students to learn?

Answer- Writing is most crucial for students as it will come both in their future and all their work and notes are depend upon writing so every pupil of University should learn it.

Question 10:- What’s the most important skill a person needs to have?

Answer- Interaction skill is a keystone in life as without living life with enjoyment is impossible if a person has this skill, they may get high post in marketing jobs and international too.

Question 11:- What is the most important practical skill in modern society?

Answer- I think the most keystone skill to live in this contemporary era is to learn technology because, without it, no study or job will be possible in future days.

Question 12:- Which one is more important, cooking or driving a car?

Answer- I think both are important but to survive looking is must if we do not know driving a car it’s ok as there are so many local transportation facilities available, but the priority is to cook food.

Question 13:- What kinds of skills are difficult to learn?

Answer- For the first time, every skill is difficult, but day by day, we get used to it. The toughest skill is painting, as it takes imagination and proper handwriting skills.

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