Talk about your favorite country

Talk about your favorite country

Talk about: 


Which country it is 

In what continent it is situated

Whether you have been there. If yes, when 

What is very fantastic about it.

I really like Canada. It is in North America I have dreamt visited in Canada. It is a country, Which is very popular among the people who want to go and settle abroad. Almost half of my relatives live in Canada. I have listened to so many stories about Canada from them. Since my relatives live in Toronto, Ontario, I know about some places worth seeing in Toronto. The best thing about Toronto is that it is colder compared to Punjab. I have heard that, in Toronto, it snows a lot and the winters start in October and continue till March. My relatives tell me that they visit Niagara Falls every summer and it is a beautiful place of attraction. And so beautiful place. we sent me many videos of Niagara Falls. They, go shopping very frequently because there are a lot of shopping malls which provide a more variety of products at reasonable prices. In the month of December, They tell me all products related to shopping Like kitchen material, dresses and jeans and also electronic products at a reasonable price. The houses are beautiful and seem very comfortable. Museums are also very attractive tourists. If  I ever go there, I can get admission in a good educational institute.  After completing my study. Then I can get a job in the field of my education. I come across news every day which inform us about the aplenty of jobs available in Canada. This country is very comfortable and peaceful. People coming from different backgrounds and countries live there.  In this country, the crime rate is very low according to my point of view. The living standard is also very high and also everyone can earn enough money to support himself and his family. The social security system and the health insurance were amazing as well.  I think I can become a successful and indecent person if I go there country. Really It is very neat and clean country.

English is spreading very fast in Today’s word. To what extent do you think the advantages of this situation outweigh its disadvantages

Describe yourself as a student and write about your interests and achievements. how have your studies, as well as, any other work and/or non-academic experience, prepared you for the course of study that you wish to undertake?


Talk about your favorite country  Talk about your favorite country  Talk about your favorite country  Talk about your favorite country

 Talk about your favorite country

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