The Chart Below Shows the Value of One Country’s Exports in Various Categories During 2015 and 2016

The chart below shows the value of one country’s exports in various categories during 2015 and 2016. The table shows the percentage change in each category or export in 2016 compared with 2015.

The chart below shows the value of one country’s exports in various categories during 2015 and 2016

The bar graph elucidates the information regarding the export earnings of a country in billions of dollars from five distinct product categories in 2015 and 2016, whilst the spreadsheet vividly reveals the percentile change in export revenue in 2016 as compared to the previous year.

Overall, the most striking feature is that petroleum and engineered products were the primary export revenue earners for this nation during the tenure, and the export amount surpassed in 2016 than the previous year except for gems and jewellery items.

As is presented in the bar and tabular graph, in 2015, the export earnings of the country was just above 16 billion dollars, whereas the next year, the value of coin money was 3% increased. The amount of money earned on engineering goods had nearly 58 billion dollars, while it took a sharp increase of around 8.5 % by 2016. In the case of gems and jewellery, they made a profit with almost 42 billion dollars and nearly 5.8 % earning was declined in 2016. With regard to agriculture goods and textiles in 2015, the former’s export earning was around 31 billion dollars, and the latter made a profit of only a quarter-billion-dollar. In the next year, agriculture items took negligible increase in earning, and textiles profit was higher and reached the same position of agricultural products.

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