The Diagram Below Gives Information About the Recycling of Glass and Plastic Containers

The diagram below gives information about the recycling of glass and plastic containers. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

The diagram below gives information about the recycling of glass and plastic containers

The diagram illustrates the stepwise process to reuse plastic containers and glass.

In the process of reuse of glass and plastic wastes, they are first collected, which takes 5-10 days, and after that, they are transported to the recycling centre. In the next step, plastic is sorted out by its thickness and quality. Furthermore, plastic waste is stored in the form of buildings and it followed by the shredding of plastic wastes. Before melting and reshaping the wastes which occur by the same machine, it should be washed by the water to clean them. Hence finally, plastic wastes are available as a new product, and the next cycle of reusing takes 3-8 weeks.

The process of recycling also occurred simultaneously, in which there is the first separation of glass on the basis of colour. In further process, glasses have been crushed, washed and melted and reshaping of them done by a separate machine. Hence they are available in the market as a new product.

The whole process of recycling glass and plastic takes around two months and is done separately.

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