There Is a Problem Related to the Changing Room of Your Gym

There is a problem related to the changing room of your gym in your community. You reported it several times, but it was not solved. Write a letter to the manager.
In your letter, you should:

  • describe the problem
  • what they said while reporting the problem
  • what you want the manager to do.

Sample Answer of There Is a Problem Related to the Changing Room of Your Gym

To manager,

I am a gold member of your gym for 5 months. When I joined your gym many people satisfied with your facilities. My first month was a great experience with you, but now I am not comfortable in your gym because of two major problems in our changing room. One of them, your changing room has no previous with other members, and there is no lock on the doors. 

Furthermore, I mentioned those problems 2 weeks before verbally, but no one notices it, I told your carpenter also, but he had also ignored it. So, now I am writing an application to submit to your office for immediate action and solve the problem.

I hope you will solve the problem as soon as possible.

 Otherwise, after one week you will not solve the changing room’s problem. Definitely, I will see quite your gym and also demand to return my whole fees which you gave you in advance. 

Thank you



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