Today People Are Surrounded by Advertising. This Affects What People Think Is Important and Has a Negative Impact on People’s Lives

Today people are surrounded by advertising. This affects what people think is important and has a negative impact on people’s lives. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Advertisements are ubiquitous nowadays. Whether it is on TV, radio or hoardings, adverts have become a part of our lives. But, some people are of the view that it has a detrimental effect on our lives. However, I disagree with this statement.

On the positive side, advertisements provide us with information on new products. In the absence of them, many of us will remain in the dark. The adverts open our eyes to all the latest facilities and trends and with that gives us a chance of choosing from a wide range of products available. For example, I recently purchased a laptop, and before its purchase, I knew and everything about it, this is because of the advert I have watched before.

Furthermore, advertisements touch social issues. For instance, there are ads against female foeticide which are very informative. In addition to this, if an ad campaign is supported by some known personalities, it is like the icing on the cake because they follow their idols more than anything.

However, adverts also have a downside. Because of advertisements, sometimes we buy what tempts us without the insight of what we need actually. Impressive videos, images are bound to leave an imprint on us. For example, media is flooded with commercials of beauty products, which lures us into buying them. People, especially women, are crazy about these things and buy them even without consulting their dermatologists. Secondly, ads can be disturbing at times, especially television commercials. Just as we are watching a show or a movie, a commercial break occurs, forcing us to listen.

To conclude, adverts have their advantages as well as disadvantages. Indubitably, the merits outstrip the demerits.

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