Traditional Ideas from Older People about the Way to Live

Traditional Ideas from Older People about the Way to Live

Traditional ideas from older people about how to live and behave are not helpful to young people and their futures. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Getting knowledge of traditional notions by elderly individuals is futile for young people’s future. I completely disagree with the statements because living a satisfied life along with great moral value and this understanding is crucial for everyone.

There are plethoras of old ideas that are helpful for the future and in going on life of people in their young lives. To commence with, the majority of mistakes are already done by many older people in the past, which can be learned from merely those people who face them and also tackle with it. To explain it, senior citizens already know that things, which may be not known by young ones, but with the help of their mistakes, a young person can estimate the values of life and live according to it and manage their time even in the future.

For example, if an elder professor of a college tell learners about his college life that how they manage their time for education and social interaction, these ideas would be very beneficial for students in their whole life. Hence, Traditional ideas can be helpful for young individual people.

Furthermore, in this advanced hectic world, people have a negative mentality about life satisfaction. They spend money on materialistic objects, which may lead to a bad effect on their financial aspects. However, information taken by the senior individual may stop this phenomenon also in the upcoming time. To elaborate it, nowadays especially people in their 20s and 30s want to buy every new gadget such as new phone, car and smartwatch, for this, they do not care about their health and work hard recklessly just to obtain that things and overlook social interaction values with friends and family.

This attitude towards work, which might be detrimental to their life, can cause several intellectual problems. Whereas, if the involvement of older people to tell them a real-valued satisfaction can change their thinking about what is actually basic needs for a better life.
In conclusion, I believe that old ideas of citizen individual people can substantially indispensable for youngsters.

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