You and Your Colleague Want to Use a Company Room

You and your colleague want to use a company room. Write a letter to your manager and ask for permission. In your letter, you should:

  • Explain why you need the room
  • Describe which room you need and why
  • Tell me what changes you’ll need in the room.

Dear John,

I am writing this letter to seek permission to utilize the company room for a week as you are aware that Kumar and I are assigned to the critical project. We are required to work together to meet the deadline and deliver the project on time. Moreover, we have all amenities to work seamlessly in the room rather than in my home.

We required a two-sharing room as we both need to discuss the ideas and execute them. So it would be instrumental if we are provided with a double-bedded room.

Additionally, we request you to set up a telephone which is very essential to interact with clients and work as per the requirements and absence of telephone would create a delay in communicating the information to clients. Besides telephone, we also require a projector facility as we need to go thru customer requirement related videos and come up with possible solutions.

We would be grateful if you could do the needful at earliest.

Yours faithfully

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