You Are Planning a Week-Long Vacation and You Need Someone

You are planning a week-long vacation, and you need someone to take care of your house while you are away. Please write a letter to your neighbour and tell them that you are going away. In your letter, you should:

Ask them to take care of your house
Explain why you will be away.

Dear Mrs John,

I am writing this letter is to seek help during my vacation with my family. As we have planned this 7 days vacation before covid-19 pandemic time. But due to this one-year-long break in 2020, we have planned for a week vacation to relieve stress.

During this week, could you please take care of my house as well as my dog? All the dog stuff was placed under the stair case. Please check out my garden and please ask my watchman to spray some water on plants. As this long vacation, we are going to my mother’s home. Actually, we will visit them every 6 months but due to this corona time, we are unable to visit them for almost 18 months. So, we have arranged this trip to relax our minds and to visit my family.

I hope you will take care of my house. Just please have a look at least twice a day and I informed my watchman to give some food to the dog. Please take care of my dog also. After my vacation, I will explain all the wonderful memories of my family to you.

With Best regards,


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