You Recently Discovered that There Are Plans to Construct an Airport in Your Locality

You Recently Discovered that There Are Plans to Construct an Airport

You recently discovered that there are plans to construct an airport in your locality. Write a letter to the local authority.

In your letter, you should tell:

  • Explain how you knew about the plans
  • Describe the negative effect of the construction on your neighbourhood
  • Suggest a possible solution to the problem.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Greetings of the day! I, Jenny Jackson, a resident of Rose Avenue, Wills Street, Brampton, am writing this letter in order to request to do a bit modification in the existing plan of building an airport nearby our locality for the betterment of residents.

At the onset, as I am an avid reader of the local weekly of ‘Brampton Times’, I got to know lately from the front-page announcement, that the local administration is planning to construct an aerodrome. Indeed, this is highly appreciated and would be a great step in the development of the nation. However, I wanted to add to your information that there can be some detrimental effects, which cannot be overlooked.

Further, let me share with you the negative outcomes which might hamper the residents dramatically. First and foremost, as the majority of the populace of this area consists of the elder as well as young children, the noise and pollution being produced by the aeroplanes can incur damaging repercussions on their health.

Moreover, according to the existing plan, it seems that it will acquire the main playground which will impact drastically the physical development of the youngsters, as this is the only play area in our vicinity.

Finally, I humbly request to build the airport at the south end of the city as the majority of the residential area is located near the planned site. Additionally, the proposed site is a bit isolated from the town and many hotels are also there, which will be an asset for the tourists.

I hope you will consider the plight and act accordingly.

With regards,

Jenny Jackson

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