Your Company Sends You for a Course Abroad

Your company sends you for a course abroad, and you got a certificate there, but you somehow lost it. Write a letter to the college principal to send the certificate to you. In your letter

Describe how you lost it
Explain why you need it now
What do you want the principal to do

Respected Sir,
I am a former student of Stanford University and completed my masters in “Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning” in the year 2021. I had completed my course and got the certificates last summer. Still, on the way back to my hometown, it was misplaced by the airport authorities along with other important documents. After contacting the authorities, I knew that it would take about 2-3 months to retrieve the folder.

As my company sponsored me to persuade this course, I must submit the certificate within a month to mark my achievement. I tried reaching out to HR. They understood my problem and asked me to procure a duplicate copy of certificates from the university and a letter stating the matter. Also, the letter should have your signature with the university’s stamp.

I request you to please send me a duplicate copy of the certificate along with mentioned documents.

Yours faithfully,

Zack Brown.

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