Describe a Computer/phone Game You Enjoy Playing Since Your Childhood

Describe a computer/phone game you have enjoyed playing since your childhood

  • What the game is about,
  • When you started playing it,
  • How often do you play this game,
  • Why do you enjoy playing it

Sample Answer of Describe a Computer/phone Game You Enjoy Playing Since Your Childhood

I had been playing so many computer games since my childhood, but my favourite game was GTA Vice City. In that game, there was a fictional city called the vice city, which was situated on the island, and the main character of this game was Tommy Vercetti. I have been playing this game since my fifth standard, which was one of the best games at that time.

I played this game every day after my school, and at the weekends, I played all day long. The story of this game was such an intriguing one that it became my childhood memories. In this game, I could drive any type of vehicle like ambulance, taxi, luxury car, bike, helicopter, plane and even tank too.

In this game, I could buy anything and freely roamed anywhere in the city. There were missions to complete it, which was based on the story of gangsters.

Follow ups of Describe a Computer/phone Game You Enjoy Playing Since Your Childhood

Question 1:- What is the impact of teen addiction to games?

Answer- I think it has both positive and negative impacts on teenagers. On the positive side, there are several puzzle games available on the internet; by playing them, teenagers can develop their mind power. On the negative side, there are such types of games that make children cruel and mentally weak.

Question 2:- Should parents or teachers take necessary action to prevent children from playing games?

Answer- Indeed, People should take necessary action because they are closed to their children, they should give the right guidance to choose which games are better for them and also they should restrict their game time in a day.

Question 3:- What do you think are the benefits of playing games?

Answer- I think there are many benefits of playing games. If children are playing puzzle games, then that increases their mind power and concentration. If they are playing certain games, then their creativity is also enhanced.

Question 4:- Why games have been popular amongst teenagers in recent years?

Answer- Due to the ease of the internet and technological advancement, there are thousands of games available in the market. Such lucrative games are proved eye-catching for teenagers owing to their nature to try something new.

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