Describe a Crime You Were Involved In Recent Speaking Cue card

Describe a Crime You Were Involved In: Recent Speaking Cue card

Describe a Crime You Were Involved in

  • When Was It?
  • What crime was it?
  • Why did you get involved?
  • How did you feel?

Sample Answer of Describe a Crime You Were Involved In

Frankly speaking, in this world, many people commit various crimes. Today I am going to explain the crime that I was involved in.

When I was a tiny little kid, I visited a department store nine years back. I was fascinated by seeing all those beautiful stuff, so I picked a doll and kept it inside my back. I was not sure that we had to pay before keeping it. So I believe I was involved on the left.

I did not know about those actions back then, but after growing up, I realized it was a crime. Therefore due to being unable to recognize the consequences of the activity, I was involved in such a crime after realizing that I never get involved in any kind of activity. So I believe we should not commit any crime.

Follow-ups of Describe a Crime You Were Involved In

Question 1:- Why do people commit crimes?

Answer- Well, it is quite debatable. Research says that most criminals have gone through many personal crises in their lives, which leads them to commit them. Therefore, in my opinion, I feel like people commit crimes due to their mentality. Some serial killers commit crimes because of the dysfunction of their brain activities.

Question 2:- What kind of punishment did people get if they committed a crime?

Answer- Frankly speaking, in my country, hanging the culprit is not included but having said that, many harsh punishments such as lifetime prison and paying fine. Likewise, keeping the criminal in a confined space is the punishment provided by the government.

Question 3:- What is the contribution of society in making a person a culprit?

Answer- I think society plays a vital role in making a person culprit. I believe that it needs the whole community to raise a child. So the activities that may be good or bad done by a person, society is responsible for it.
Hence there is a massive role of society in making a person culprit.

Question 4:- Have you ever witnessed any crime in your life?

Answer- Frankly speaking, I do not think I have ever witnessed any crime. However, I have heard about many criminal activities in my society. I hope that every crime should be eradicated in this world full of harmony and generosity.

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