Describe a Prize That You Received.

Describe a prize that you received.

  • What it was?
  • When you received it?
  • What did you do for it?
  • And explain what you feel about it?

The answer of the Cue Card Describe a Prize That You Received.

By getting prizes, everyone gets encouraged and perform better. It boosts the confidence of the performer because it shows that person’s achievement is appreciated. I have also won many prizes in the form of trophies and medals in my school as well as college. But here I would like to talk about a prize which I got in my college time last year. I vividly remember that last year of my college there was a Rangoli competition held by college authorities. In addition, one of my bosom friend named Surinder insisted me to take participate in it.

After that, I was also fascinated by it. Besides this, during the three-year tenure, it was the first time when I took participate in any activity. Moreover, in that competition, the students of other colleges have also participated. So it was a challenge for me to won this match for my college. When the competition day came me and my intimate friend made a rangoli name “Save Girl Child”. It took almost 2 hours for completing that. In this rangoli, a mother keeps a newborn girl in her womb. Apart from it, this picture also gives a message to society.

After the end rangoli was looking so astonishing. Finally, the time of the result was coming. The director of the college announced the name of the winning teams. They announced the name of 3 rd position, then the 2nds, and in 1 st position the name of me and my friend was announced. That time I felt over the moon. Then they gave us a medal and certificate. Everyone has congratulated me and my friend. All in all, that was the time when I achieved 1 st prize.

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