Describe an occasion when you wasted your time.

Describe an occasion when you wasted your time.

You should say:

-where you were?

-When it was

-What you did

-And explain why you think it was a waste of time.

Answer Of the Cue Card Describe an occasion when you wasted your time.

During the last year, I learned from one of my friends that there was an institute that taught IELTS well and had a good record of passed candidates. It was in the year 2019 around the June time frame. I visited the institute and enquired about the course, fees, and duration. Being a working professional,

I chose morning batch as it was convenient for me to complete my coaching and commute to an office nearby for work. I spent a whole month listening to the lectures for two hours every ready demonstrated by so-called well trained IELTS teachers. I truly believe that I had wasted my precious time, along with some amount of money during the whole month.

They hadn’t taught us the test formats and just gave some structures to use in essay writing. There was no conceptual understanding of the topics, which was utterly disappointing. Well, I had booked for a test as soon as I had joined the course, assuming I would crack it in a single attempt; however, my dream was shattered by the teaching as I wasn’t able to understand the basic concepts.

Hence, I felt that I wasted a good amount of time; instead, I would have learned the course online for free without any guidance.

So this is the end of the cue card (Describe an occasion when you wasted your time.)

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