Describe a shop that recently open in your home town

Describe a shop that recently open in your home town

You should say:

  • What type of shop it is?

  • What type of people go there and what it sells?

  • and explain whether you shop there or not?

Thanks for giving me such an interesting topic. As our house is situated near to the market, there are number of shops available near to my house. But recently, a Ladies beauty Saloon has been opened near to my house. The shop name is Dream Saloon. It is at the corner of our lane. They make beautiful shop interior and exterior as well.

Well, as I mentioned that it is a Saloon shop, so maximum ladies are go there for makeup, hair dressing, the manicure and the pedicure etc. As we know that in today’s modern era ladies used to go Saloon once a month or some also go once a week. So, I can say this is really good to have a Saloon at our lane corner.Describe a shop that recently open in your home town

Moreover, this shop also sell beauty products, all the cosmetics and other things needed to the ladies. I visit that shop 2 times before and I must say that staff of Saloon is also good, humble and talk politely with every customers. That’s why this shop become far more popular within 2 months in our city.

Furthermore, they do good job and always make comfortable their customers. They also easily understand customer’s requirements and fulfill them appropriately. So, it can be said that this is really a good shop that we have and I am glad to have such a fruitful facility near my home.

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