Describe you have recently bought and felt happy about

Describe you have recently bought and felt happy about

You should say:

  • What you have bought?

  • Why you have bought it?

  • How much it cost you?

  • and explain why you felt happy about it?Describe you have recently bought and felt happy about

Thanks for giving me such an interesting topic. I love to shop bags and footwear and I thought every girl love shopping and they never get bored while doing shopping. Well, today, I have asked to talk about a thing which I recently bought and felt happy with that. As, I already mentioned that I love to buy footwear and bags, so, i would like to describe my footwear which I bought on last weekend.

I bought it for my birthday. Last weekend, I went with my sister to the market and looking for footwear. Suddenly, I saw a footwear with brown color designing and multi-color strips. Those footwear really eye catching and immediately, I fell in love with those footwear. These are also matched with my dress that I will wear on my birthday and I also realized that I can wear them with number of dresses because it contains different color strips.

Finally, I bought which I want and came to my home. Furthermore, my mother also like this very much and she thought It would be very expensive but when I told that I bought it on reasonable price. She got surprised and also appreciate my choice. So, I am excited to wear these and happy a lot on my purchase.

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