Many Doctors Say that People in Today’s World Do Not Do Enough Physical Exercise (5) (1)

Many Doctors Say that People in Today’s World Do Not Do Enough Physical Exercise

Many doctors say that people in today’s world do not do enough physical exercise. What do you think are the causes of this? What solutions are there to this problem?

A faction f the doctors, undeniably, holds the notion that, nowadays, the lifestyle of people does not include physical workouts. This essay will delve into the possible reason for the fall of the health standard and propound some sagacious solutions to address them.

First and foremost, compared with the bygone days, a sedentary lifestyle followed by the populace plays a crucial role in making them physically. The masses more concentrate on social media and indulge in new technologies such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. For instance, W H O has reported that 80%youngsters suffer from obesity since they do not do any physical exercise. Besides, most people spend hours at work to fulfil their dream and hardly get the time to exercise. This is the reason people do not concentrate on their fitness. In addition, there is no physical centre in the community area. So that populace is lazier to got do the fitness.

Nevertheless, there are some prudent ways to tackle physical exercise to a great extent. Firstly, the people who take the initiative to spend more time on fitness. With the help of physical fitness, they would think it would improve mental health and physical health. Secondly, the employer makes a arrange, during break hours in the office. The entrepreneur could motivate the physical activities, to cite an example, the employee can climb the stairs of couple pf floor or could go for a short brisk walk. Thirdly, the government would build a park or fitness centre in every community area to grow physical fitness. Apart from that, providing awareness classes could improve the physical exercise of a person.

In short, the way of eating habits, the rigorous working time, unavailability of the fitness centre are the reason for declining the fitness among the people. Ergo, to take responsibility for our health, the employer could provide the time to do the physical exercise and the way to deal with this problem.

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