Many Students Decide to Further Their Studies Abroad. (1)

Many Students Decide to Further Their Studies Abroad.

Many students decide to further their studies abroad. What are the benefits and drawbacks of studying abroad? What is your view on this? What do you prefer? Give reasons for your answer.

Due to globalisation, now the whole world is becoming a global village. The trend of getting an education in foreign countries has become popular in developing countries. This trend has both pros and cons, but I think the advantages outweigh its disadvantages. I will discuss my views in the upcoming paragraphs.

There are many positive aspects of getting an education in other countries. Firstly, students would get an education in world-class universities and colleges. For instance, in African countries, people go to developed countries for higher education because, in their own countries, people do not get world-class education facilities because of the low budget of education infrastructures. Secondly, some parents cannot afford the expenses of graduate and post-graduate studies of their children. So, parents can send their children abroad where government provide free education to students. For example, in India, parents send their children to Sweden and Norway for free education.

On the other hand, there are some drawbacks of persuading education abroad. First and foremost is that parents and children who cannot live separate without each other can have a problem in getting an education in foreign countries. For instance, children who are not mentally fit can feel loneliness abroad during their time of the study. They cannot easily survive in foreign countries.

To conclude, persuading education from foreign countries is the dream of many people which is completed by the globalisation of the world. Everything has its pros and cons. So, it is the responsibility of people to become responsible for themselves to survive in every part of the world.

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