Some People Believe that To Give Opportunities to The New Generation Companies

Some people believe that to give opportunities to the new generation companies should encourage high-level employees older than 55 to retire. Do you agree or disagree?

In countries all over the world, the population is divided into three classes: children, working people and older people. Out of all these classes, the working class is most important for the sustain of the economy of a particular country. Indeed working class is vital but not at the cost of the older it is not a good idea to retire the older people for the working-class people.

In developing countries such as India, thousands of students pass out from their graduation every year in every field. As fresh graduates, they have no experience of a job. Hence they are ready to work in low pay to get experience in their professional career in the starting. In addition to that new generation of the working class are enthusiasts about their career and are also mentally and physically fit to work. So from the first view, it looks profitable as well as productive for companies. In contrast to that older people over the age 55, generally became bored from their job which became physically and mentally unfit to work. As a result, they became less productive for their employer. In terms of profit and cost of the company, newcomers should look profitable. But by thinking further, overall, it became harmful for the employer to retire them owing to their many years of experience and mastery of the particular skill they are in a position to give the right direction to the company in their ups and downs.

Overall, both types of people are important for the development of the company and for the country as well. In Japan, companies, as well as organizations, take the initiative to make a pair of experienced old people and enthusiastic newcomers in every department, and a survey found that due to this initiative, the company’s profit and productivity increase many times as compared to conventional working methods.

In conclusion, new generations of the working class are important for the nation as well as for the particular company. For the older people, as they are in the middle of their age, so a family of theirs are dependent on them. So it is not a point to retire experienced old people in place of the new working class.

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