Talk about a Lazy Person You Know

Talk about a Lazy Person You Know

  •  Who the person is
  • ·How well you know him
  •  What makes this person lazy
  •  What should he do to improve

Sample Answer of Talk about a Lazy Person You Know

Because of technological advancements and sedentary lifestyles, people have become lazy globally, so I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Karen, who stays in my neighbourhood. He is the lazy ousd person on the earth that I think I would tell his few bad qualities, which will surface the statement I just stated firstly where we went to the same school. Hence, after school, my friends and I played cricket and football on the school playground, but Karen was the person who likes to sit in the classroom, and he was never interested. He was always lethargic to move from his place secondly his parents always complain that he always procrastinate his works and duties and now we’re big youngsters. He’s not even doing any job; he has completed his graduation in eight years which is itself is a very shocking thing, and that’s the result of his massive laziness, that’s what. I think, and socially also, he is not earning any respect because his cousin’s relatives always curse him because of his bad habits of not doing anything. Now I think it is the right time for the current to take some serious actions to mitigate this issue. He can try out some activity like yoga or hitting a gym so that he can get his spirit high he can also do something which attracts his interest so that he will be able to do more activities. Head to giving his 100% because laziness can invite many life-threatening diseases also like hypertension obesity or so I have a friend also advised him a month ago that during the spending time since across the globe lockdowns are being imposed he can try some yoga postures and breathing exercises sitting on the comfort office of his sofa. I hope and pray for his good future and good health.

Follow-ups Talk about a Lazy Person You Know

Question 1. How can a lazy person make money?

Answer:- Well in my view laziness has nothing to do with making money there are many fields in which you have just to do the desk job like computer operators or developers or computer designers in such fields you don’t need need to have an into a good shape, or you don’t need to hit a gym to suffice the work, so these are the industries which accommodate lazy people, and indeed they are making a good amount of money

Question 2. How to motivate lazy people?

Answer:- I think lazy people should hear some motivational speeches which are now available on YouTube or taken also attend some seminars in which speakers are telling the benefits of doing yoga and breathing exercises moreover their nearby friends or relatives also can contribute to help them come out of this really bad habit.

Question 3. According to you, what characteristics define a lazy person?

Answer:- This is a brainer procrastination is the key to define a lazy person, a person who is always ignoring to do anything, then he must be a lazy person. I mean, these are the personalities who always look for someone to help them in their smallest task in the day for example if they want a glass of water also they will wait for someone to visit their house, and they can you ask them to take some water out of the fridge for them.

Question 4. According to you, can a lazy person be successful?

Answer:- Indeed, as mentioned earlier that laziness has nothing to do with work or success because lazy persons are, in general, very creative. They find ways not to do anything, and these are the persons who are also successful in many sectors like many of the computer developers or computer designers are successful because they know from where and what to copy in their coding language but at the same point in time they are also very creative. These people are slightly different from the people who are always procrastinating their work.

Question 5. Do you think a lazy person to do a difficult job

Answer:- Conceivably not because to complete the difficult task requires a lot of courage and motivation and sometimes motivation is not there then the person doing that job should be self-motivated to complete the task now if we think about lazy persons they are always thinking of the ways or excuses so that they cannot do any work, so I don’t think these people have this tendency to do tough tasks

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