Talk about an energetic person that you know

Talk about an energetic person that you know

You should say
Who is this person?
How do you know this person?
Why do you think this person is energetic?
And explain how you feel about this person?

Sample Answer of the Cue card Talk about an energetic person that you know

Sample 1

Well, I know many persons who are very health conscious and always remain alert and of course are more vigorous. Here, I would like to speak about a person who is both energetic and intelligent. He is none other than my friend Raman.

We have been childhood friends. I consider him an energetic person because he has a lot of workouts. He does aerobic exercises and never eats junk food. A nutritious diet makes him more energetic. He simply relies on staple food. What’s more, he never takes supplements, instead, he takes a diet full of fibers and multi-minerals.

I felt very good that he is my bosom friend. He also advises me to be in good body shape though I am not I try to be like him. We both go running in the early mornings and also go to the gym where he introduced me to various kinds of exercise equipment.

I love to do such exercises as weight-lifting and pushups. So this is the person who is energetic and a good epitome for the youngsters.   

Sample 2

An energetic person I know to date is my mother. without a point of doubt, she will be forever too. mother is the first best friend of anyone. we all are attached to our mothers since childhood the same way I am also too is very close to her. I often feel that she is a woman after my heart.

I have been watching her since my childhood. she is very intuitive. she has solutions to all the problems. secondly, she has a magnetic personality as anyone can be friends with her immediately. all of my bosom friends are friends of my mother too. most importantly she deals with any situation with diligence.

the one thing she taught us is never procrastinating things. moreover, she has green fingers as she loves to cultivate and plant and has her garden, her cooking abilities is a feather in her cap. she is the head of the pharmacy department who works from morning 10 to evening 4. despite such tedious works, she is always full of energy and never saw her tired.

in the future I wish to be a mother like that to my kids. in my view energy not only means active but also should withhold patience and never be shrewd to anyone. this quality I learned from her hence I feel is the most energetic person.

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