Write a Letter to Your Colleague Telling Him About Your Planned

Write a letter to your colleague telling him about your planned visit to the town you used to work in. In the letter, you should tell:-

  • about your current Job
  • about your stay plan
  • the detailed arrangement of your visit.

Dear Ramesh,

I’m Mohan hope you and your family members are well and good. I heard that your grandma expired a month ago, and I am sorry for that. What I hear is it true? That you are selected as a Senior manager from a team leader in our company at Hyderabad, I am so excited for you.

I would like to visit Hyderabad regarding the windmill project discussion with the customers and chief executive officer. Are you able to arrange a meeting for me on Saturday morning sharp at 10’clock? Moreover, I got promoted to Senior Manager at Orissa, and you know my mother wants me to transfer to Hyderabad because my son was growing up. He completed his study in 12th grade and secured a 178 rank in Telangana EAMECT. She thinks that from now onward, if I am near to him, then it would be better for him to build a good career because all the proofs and documents are referred to Hyderabad only. He decided to study MBBS at OSMANIA University only. If possible, could you favour me on this? to transfer to a local place.

I hope for a positive response from you.

Thank you for your consideration.


Yours Sincerely,

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