Because Many Children Are Not Able to Learn Foreign Languages, Schools Should Not Force Them to Learn Foreign Languages

Because many children are not able to learn foreign languages, schools should not force them to learn foreign languages. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In the 21st century, due to technological advancement, the world has become a global village. Hence, language does not remain a barrier now. Even though, learning a new language is not a piece of cake because it requires time and patience. For People especially, children have a problem understanding the new language owing to the fact that their minds are not developed well. I believe that In this type of situation in students’ life schools should play a vital role to help them.

There are many factors that played a role to study the new language. Sometimes many students are slow learners, so they do not grasp the new words of language easily. However, this is not a big issue. For example, the Government of India has made it compulsory to study the English language by making it a part of the school’s curriculum. Therefore, now schools should focus more by taking extra efforts for the pupils who face the problems in learning of English language.

In addition, the learning process of language not only improve their communication skills but also enhances their brain activities. For instance, A survey carried out by psychologists in India found that people who are bilingual have more intelligence than monolinguals. There is also another benefit is that it helps a more in the professional life of the student. Meanwhile, schools are the ideal place for this because people who started language learning in later life would face more difficulties than students.

To sum up, trying a new language is always challenging, But it should be minimized by starting the learning in the early stage of life. It is recommended that schools should not be punished the students physically, but instead of that, they should motivate them to learn something new.

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