Talk About the Advice You Received From Someone Very Helpful

Talk about the advice you received from someone very helpful. Please say

What was the advice?
Who gave it to you?
Why was it helpful?

Sample Answer of Talk about the advice you received from someone very helpful

There is one piece of advice that I remembered all my life from my old friend, and it was very much helpful in life.

She said NEVER LOSE YOUR RESPECT FOR ANYONE. She is my friend her name is Ayesha. She is my schoolmate my best friend. I feel that was the best advice because I was going through some problem and when I explained to her my problem and this was the first thing she said never lose your respect. And I felt it right because if I don’t respect myself, no one will. I have to stand up for myself. No one will even if they want to; no one will.

That advice has helped me to solve some of my problems, at least not solve, made it much easier to solve problems. Whenever I feel there is someone who is not respecting me, I walk off. Even if I give them a second chance, they will keep repeating that, so better to distance yourself from that people.

Follow Ups of Talk about the advice you received from someone very helpful

Question 1:- Do you often get advice from older people?

Answer:- Yes, I do get advice from all my grandparents. I feel they give the best advice when it comes to older people. They have the best

experiences, and they know about understanding people and knowing people.

Question 2:- Do you like to advise others?

Answer:- Yes, I do like to advise younger people or my friends who share their problems with me. I feel that’s the best thing you can do when you cant solve their problems. Give them the best advice. At least they can solve their problems. Some people just need direction so you can give them the advice to follow.

Question 3:-Why don’t many people follow good advice?

Answer:- Yeah, I do feel many people don’t follow good advice because they feel nothing can go wrong. They treat themselves as superior, but I feel that people learn from their experiences. Experiences are the best teacher in life. They teach you everything.

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