Some believe that only people with more years in a company must get promotions (5)

Some Believe that Only People with More Years in a Company Must Get Promotions

Some believe that only people with more years in a company must get promotions. What is your opinion?

An upsurge of people feels that countryside is more suitable for healthy lifestyles whereas others reckon that health benefits can be earned while living in the city. Though cities provide a considerable amount of multinational hospitals, I agree with the former statement that the countryside is more conducive for healthy lifestyles.

On the one hand, People living in the countryside preferably work more actively than leading a sedentary lifestyle. Agriculture and domestic livestock are the primary sources of their income. In order to take care of the land and animals, they have to spend a great deal of energy and time to get a better yield. Apart from that, the Majority of the pesticide-free crops from their land are using for their own cooking benefits, which in turn improve their health and cause an upsurge in their immunity as well. Lack of factories and abundance of greenery will eventually improve the air and water quality. It seems that the countryside is an acceptable environment for healthy lifestyles. For example-City people always take vacations to the countryside for the better air and water moreover for having healthy food.

On the other hand, despite these arguments, some people say that health benefits can be received by staying in cities. That kind of people generally focuses on the availability and abundance of multinational hospitals and nutritional centers. Remarkably, they advocate the routine blood investigations tests and easy accessibility of superior medical care will enhance sound health. It is possible to find a variety of hospitals specializing in subdivisions of medicine and staffed with the best professionals. This is a result of urban populations; Moreover, City residents are becoming increasingly sedentary and passive as the internet and services such as food delivery applications enable less activity. Personally, I could not support this notion, owing to the boons countryside is more preferable For instance: The lifestyle disease such as diabetes and high blood pressure can be more seen in city side rather than the countryside.

In conclusion, there are conflicting views on whether rural or urban Are suitable for healthy lifestyles. I deem that understanding every aspect countryside is a more preferable and convenient location for those wants to improve their sound quality of health and mind.

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