Someone returned to you a bag that you lost

Someone Returned to You a Bag that You Lost

Someone returned to you a bag that you lost with all its belongings still inside it. Write a letter to thank the person:
Thank the person
Explain how you lost it
Explain why its belongings were so important

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am delighted when I received my bag yesterday. I am writing this letter because I am grateful to you for returning my backpack and my belongings.

From the outset, I am extremely grateful that you have seen my address in one of my identity proof and couriered it to my address within 3 days. Let me explain in detail how I missed my bag in the shopping mall. Three days earlier, while I am doing window shopping with one of my friends, and a few moments later, massive celebrations are going on a ground floor of a shopping mall. We are exceedingly excited to watch the live shows. So, I ran off to the ground floor by the elevator with my friend. Surprisingly, almost 100 dwellers came and pushed us there. So, at that moment I lost my bag.

Although there are more valuable things, I do have them in my bag. However, those are paramount documents for my next forthcoming job. In addition, there are my bank cards as well as some cash too.

I am very grateful for your kindness. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours Faithfully,

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