You Saw an Advertisement for an Evening Music Class

You saw an advertisement for an evening music class which you would like to attend.

Describe why you want to attend
what are your previous experiences with music,
ask some questions about the music class

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing this letter regarding an announcement for learning music from your prestigious institute, Harmony musical institute. I strongly believe that it is an opportunity to understand the end-to-end parts of the music with prolific and experienced teachers. Moreover, the schedule is convenient for all the students because everyone does not have any engagements at that time.

Harmony institute is very near to my home, and I heard this organization had years of track record in the same field. Numerous talented heads were passing out each and every year from the same institution. I am very much curious to attend classes from such a reputed organization, which will be an additional benchmark for me.

Neither I do not have any previous experience in the music field nor any chance to learn. Although, whenever I got a chance to enjoy the music, I certainly do. I like music genres like Karnatic and Hindustani. My ultimate goal is to study the language of music, and that will be an add-on for me.

Apart from these, I had few choirs about the course period and authentication for the certificates after the elected courses. What is the course duration of the diploma course, and which university recognizes a particular course?

Looking forward to an adequate reply

Yours Sincerely

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