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Nowadays, Not Enough Students Choose Science Subjects at University in Many Countries

Nowadays, not enough students choose science subjects at university in many countries. What are the reasons for this problem? What are the effects on the society?

It is a fact that recently, few educational learners selected the science and technology subjects at university in various countries. There are several causes for such a situation behind, and also a few visible influences too. Both the aspects are explained in the ensuing paragraphs.

Discussing the reasons, the most common one is that some students have an interest in a science subject, while some students have an interest in another course. Because all educational learners do not have the same mindset to study high-level courses such as science and technology. Therefore, in my school, there are so many courses available for students. The other reason is that some students choose different subjects because of their friends. By this I mean to say that some students choose that subjects which they select by their friend. Moreover, science courses are not affordable in some areas, such as in Asian countries, the study of the science courses fees are much higher than the other courses.

The mentioned causes have some influences too. The foremost one is that the students who chose subject by their friend and without any interest in that particular subjects especially science then that effects are very high on society and that student too. To elaborate, students will be the fail on the subject, and also the study gap is increase and that effect on society is raises the rate of unemployment of the country. Moreover, some effects are also helpful to society. This is to say, and if educational learners choose the subjects according to their interest, then they got the good job and also high salary packages from a company which helps in increasing the economy and productivity of the country.

To conclude, nowadays, few students select science subjects because the fees are very high and some students do not have interest in science are the reasons and increasing in the unemployment and economy as well as productivity are the effects.

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