Describe an Interesting Tradition in Your Country

Describe an Interesting Tradition in Your Country;  You should say:

  • What it is
  • Who takes part in
  • What activities are there
  • And explain how you feel about it

Sample Answer of Describe an Interesting Tradition in Your Country

I would love to share with you an enchanting custom in my country. This is the Lunar New Year reunion. This is a family gathering on the 1st day of the Lunar New Year.

Every family member gathers together to enjoy some traditional foods such as sticky rice cake, caramelised pork with eggs. After that, the old family will give lucky money, which is put into a red envelope decorated with drawings of animals or plants to young children. In return, children need to give their parents, grandparents, or relatives wishes to show their affection to the loved one. Then, older people will sit together to talk about the plans or incentives while children play with their siblings or cousins.

Whenever I join in a family reunion, I feel very excited and jubilant. First of all, I have the chance to talk with my cousins, who I rarely meet during the year since we all have to study. We always discuss school life, the trends or some personal stuff. We also sing karaoke together, which is a habit between us. Secondly, I also enjoy the traditional foods that my aunts and my mother cook. Apart from traditional foods, they also cook many scrumptious dishes such as pho or boiled chicken with special sauces.

In general, the Lunar New Year reunion is the best time for all families to strengthen family bonds and express their desires for the upcoming year. Due to the Covid-19, I couldn’t attend the family gathering this year. I hope everything will be fine so that I can join the family reunion and meet my relatives.

Follow-ups Describe an Interesting Tradition in Your Country.

Question 1 Do you think teenagers should learn about traditions?

Answer – Absolutely yes. Adolescents should learn about their country’s customs so that they will fully understand the history of their nation and their forefathers. Learning about the traditions is also the best way to show children’s respect towards their ancestors.

Question 2 What is the importance of traditional festivals?

Answer – In my opinion, traditional festivals have several values. First of all, celebrating traditional festivals will help children gain more insights into the history of their country of origin. For example, they can learn about how the customs were generated and how people in the past socialised. Secondly, traditional festivals make children more proud of their country.

Question 3 What are the differences between festivals now and in the past?

Answer – Personally, there are many differences between festivals in the present and the past. Firstly, festivals in the past were more boring since there were fewer recreational activities than in the present. Secondly, due to the advance of wireless technology, all the festivals are recorded to produce documentaries, and individuals worldwide can now see the festivals without being at the local places.

Question 4 Do you think Western festivals like Christmas are replacing traditional festivals in your country?

Answer – No, I think. Western festivals like Christmas or Valentine are just the chance for teenagers or couples to enjoy the night together. Traditional festivals can’t be replaced because everybody in my country always looks forward to celebrating those festivals

Question 5 Do you think it is wrong for children not to celebrate traditional festivals?

Answer – I think it is really wrong if children don’t celebrate traditional festivals. Those festivals play a dispensable role in our society, which means they must be celebrated meticulously by all age groups. However, there are some exceptions, such as students going abroad who don’t have a chance to celebrate those kinds of festivals.

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