Competition for University Study Is Becoming Increasingly Strong

Competition for university study is becoming increasingly strong. Why are universities becoming more competitive? Is this a positive or negative development?

It cannot be denied that getting admission in the well-known institution is no more a child’s play because of the proliferation of population and limited seats. I completely condemn this notion which is explained in the below composition.

In recent years, students, in both developed and developing countries, are struggling a lot to study in universities. The main reason behind this situation is the population which has increased drastically in the previous decade. As a result, getting admission has become a pain in the neck for a lot of aspirants across the globe. A linked problem with population is limited seats in the universities, worsening the situation even more. Consequently, high-school graduates have competed with many other mates and migrants to pursue their academic careers. In India, for example, it was not very tough before a decade to get admission in the top universities; however, nowadays it has become a headache for parents and students equally due to surge in the population and very less number of university seats. Hence, many students have to settle with undesired courses or private colleges, paying their sky-high fees.

I do not see such a situation with an optimistic approach because of multiple reasons. Firstly, due to the pressure of parents and their counterparts, naive minds become full of stress which is completely unnecessary and inappropriate. This is the reason that depression is becoming increasingly common amongst teenagers. Secondly, many brilliant high-school graduates, especially in developing countries, in spite of struggling with the admission process, prefer migrating to developed countries where getting admission is a smooth path to walk. In this way, these under-developed nations are eventually losing their young talents which is a serious issue to be taken into consideration. prime examples of this situation are African countries where there is a shortfall of skilful people and they have to pay huge salaries to immigrants to mitigate the situation. Thus, this critical situation is not a development but it is making whopping damage to the economies of such governments.

To conclude, this essay explained the reasons behind the increased competition to get admission or study in the educational institutions and, undoubtedly, lawmakers have to find the resolution as soon as possible which will ultimately help them to boost their financial crises.

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