Crimes Rates amongst Younger People Have Been Rising

In many countries, crimes rates amongst younger people have been rising. Discuss the causes and solutions for this problem.

Over the last few decades, criminal activities are increasing substantially across the world among younger age people. In this essay, I will discuss the reasons and possible solutions for the problem.

Firstly, the alarming increase of juvenile cases is due to the lack of proper education in youth. For instance, most of the convicted criminals in adolescent age are illiterates who are not aware of the consequences that they need to face due to the unlawful act. Besides education, poverty is a secondary factor that is aiding the rise of criminal activities. To illustrate the point, a child from the poverty line tends to do an unlawful activity to earn more money easily, which eventually increases the crime rate.

However, there are ways to tackle these issues. Firstly government should provide free education to all the children of the country. Consequently, this will create more awareness regarding the law and consequences for a crime. For instance, countries with high literacy rates have fewer juvenile crime activities when compared with countries with low literacy rates. Secondly, the government should create employment for the families below the poverty line to overcome their hardship .perhaps this might result in the decline of the crime rate in youth .moreover it is imperative to strict the laws and imposes strict punishment for the crime.

To sum up, although multiple factors are causing the rise of youth crime activities, these factors are not insurmountable. In my view, the government should take responsibility to tackle these issues. They should consider some of the solutions above.

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