A School that Make Use of Books Children Find It More

A school that makes use of books children find it more boring while using films, tv videos games they find it more interesting To what extent do you agree with this???

In recent years, the method of educating students has been a hot topic for debate. Certain demographics of the society believe that infants find it monotonous to study from textbooks, whereas they prefer audiovisuals, such as videos, short-films. I slightly disagree with this notion which is explained in the below composition.

To begin with, it cannot be denied that everybody likes to watch movies and videos, from a toddler to an adult. As a result, some people reckon that these methods could do wonders if introduced as teaching methods across academic institutions. A recent survey conducted during the Covid-19 pandemic states that videos and audios provide entertainment to the students and stay in students’ memories for a long time. Admittedly, students can have a bit of practicality while studying complex topics through videos. Apart from this, supporters of this idea say that every sector in today’s fast-paced world is making the best use of cutting-edge technology, and school authorities should not settle with their legacy methodologies. Thus, advocates of this notion strongly recommend including more films and short videos than teaching from textbooks.

On the other hand, despite the above points, I slightly disagree due to multiple reasons. Firstly, students cannot just rely on videos because the examination method in many countries is still based on pen and paper, and they cannot read merely from TV screens or laptops. A prime example of this can be the Covid-19 pandemic when students faced multiple issues while studying and understanding videos instead of books. Though practical knowledge can be gained through videos, theories cannot be explained through films or television. Secondly, if students are habituated with smart gadgets at a very early age, they would never know the real advantage of reading from textbooks. Hence, in my view, teaching from textbooks cannot be completely replaced by audio and videos.

To conclude, although practical knowledge for the complex topics can be gained from films and, indeed, teachers should take advantage of the technological advancements, regular studies should be conducted from textbooks whether students find it boring or interesting.

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