Describe a Family Business

Describe a Family Business; You should say:

  • About a family.
  • How do you know the family?
  • What is the type of business?
  • What is the story behind the success of the family?

Sample Answer of Describe a Family Business

I belong to Hoshiarpur city, which is located in Punjab and the neighbourhood of the province of Himachal Pradesh. However, my city is very much famous for its history, tourism and nature as well, even though most of the civilians of my hometown are running small businesses, education, supermarkets and dairy products as well.

Hence today, I am going to elaborate on the family business of my neighbour Mr Thomas. He is running a small hotel in my home town named Albert hotel. Certainly, that hotel is located on Albert Street in the downtown of my city. Apparently, Mr Thomas is working over there as the honour operator. And better half Julia as a manager and elder son robot, is working as a supervisor.

Gradually that hotel provides the facility of continental cuisines for the tourist from all around the world. Luckily, that hotel opened from midday till midnight. Lovingly students love to go over there because the hotel provides discounts to the students when they show their student identification. Luckily the rooms are very hygienic over there along with the facility of wi-fi and some air conditioning and heating. So people love to have a great night stay over there because of the reasonable prices.

Eventually, last Sunday, I went over there because of my mother’s birthday. I was very much astonished by watching the ambience of the hotel and restaurant, and we had a great celebration over there. The quality of the food was marvellous along with the hospitality Gratefully by my prospection, that family business of Mr Thomas is one of the phenomenal business that he is running in my hometown and serving the people up.

LBNTL, if I chinch the opportunity in future, I would love to open the same family business

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