People Have More Money to Spend Than They Had Earlier

People Have More Money to Spend Than They Had Earlier

In some countries, people have more money to spend than they had earlier, due to which they are buying more and more things. Do you think it is a positive development or negative?

The rising level of people’s earning is increasingly witnessed in numerous nations nowadays, and as a result, people tend to purchase more products compared to the past. This essay will articulate that why I believe this is largely a beneficial development even though there are a few drawbacks associated with this trend.

To begin with, there are numerous reasons why this is beneficial to the public, and the predominant one is life satisfaction. In other words, individuals buy a plethora of necessary things, and as a result, they will not suffer from any problems in future. As people have improved their living conditions, this enables them to fulfil their dreams, increasing life expectancy more effectively. To illustrate, a survey was conducted in India and revealed that 70% of the population live life more comfortably because they have bought more life goods. Moreover, the economy will benefit a lot from this because it also stimulates economic growth. Hence, these advantages have a profound impact on society.

However, buying excessive products also lead to a shortage of natural resources. To explain, most of the essential products are made from natural resources, therefore using materials excessively means people over utilizes and use all the resources and will not leave even a single resource for the future generation. To epitome, petrol is the most frequently used natural product, and wealthy people buy this unnecessarily, leading to a shortage of resources. In the future, it is predicted that it will not present; consequently, our future generation ought to suffer from such a big problem. Thus, buying more and products should be stopped; otherwise, it will create a problem for the upcoming generation.

In conclusion, people like to spend more money on the products, as their income is more than in the past. Taking everything into consideration, I admit that the beneficial aspects of this development surpass the adverse points.

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