Describe a Gift that Received Recently

Describe a Gift that Received Recently

Describe a Gift that Received Recently

  • Who sends it? What is the gift? What is it for?
  • When did you receive it?
  • Detail information about the present.

Sample Answer of Describe a Gift that Received Recently

today, my cue card topic is. A gift I revived routinely and now. I am going to elaborate on it.
Although, here I would like. To elaborate about a very beneficial gift for me, and I had received it recently. Even though I had recently perused my high school with great grades. However, I got admission to a university that is 401cm away from my hometown because of my good achievement in my grades in high school.

My father presented me with a very attractive sooty; the name of the sooty is Honda active. It is certainly it has got combi – brakes and self start as well. Initially, I ready like one think sooty it has got a basket in the front and a great hoot space. I usually keep my belongings and books as well, .more likely, and they provided us two helmets free along with 4servies and 5oo free feel vouchers because the Indian Christmas know is Diwali. Gradually, it is also helpful for my sister as well because in the evenings. She used it for her dancing class and gymnasium as well gratefully. My mother is also happy

because of that gift; she usually purchases fruits and vegetables for the family. So that gift was a kind of bonanza to me from my father..gratefully, that gift really made my life easy .last but not to my father for that act of kindness part of my life.

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