Describe a Time when You Helped a Friend

Describe a time when you helped a Friend

You should say

  • When was it?
  • How you helped them?
  • Why you helped them?
  • And how you felt about it?

Sample Answer of Describe a Time when You Helped a Friend

I think good and true friends are rare to find these days, and if we have one, we are fortunate, and we should always nurture that relationship; so I have many friends, but my best friend is a funnel, and Danneel and I met in my college days basically we were not that much close, but after our graduation, we were placed in an IT company called Infosys, and we had to change our location from Gujarat to Maharashtra which is the nearby state from my hometown basically I contacted him because when you have a common friend and you guys are joining a company, so it is very convenient to have him together where wherever you go, and he also likes that so we rented a flat and we enjoyed our state for 2 years there for those 2 years

we became so close friends and actually he became my best friends after one and a half year after a few fights and few loving moments so after 2 years he moved out to do his masters in business administration but I know that he was not having some good financial background actually his father met with an accident and he died some 5 years ago that I came to know by him only but he was very firm to do his masters and as a best friend of mine it was my duty to help him without even letting him know I contacted his College in which he got the admission and I asked about the details of his tuition fees they mailed me every detail and I contacted my few common friends and we together paid all the tuition fees of vanilla and when he came to know about it he was in tears the tears were indeed of happiness and we all hugged each other the friend group of hours hugged each other and we cried a lot I felt really proud about myself because when you do something for others selflessly and you are not expecting something in return it is really good feeling you know it is the kind of feeling when a soldier is serving at a border he must be getting this feeling so I still cherish those moments and now when we are talking about this incident

he has already done his masters with flying colours, and he has been working successfully in many companies, so that is the cherry on the cake he worked hard, and he was so determined to achieve his dreams, and we just helped him unconditionally, which was a perfect thing for us, and it added some delightful moments for our life, and our bond has now become even stronger


Question 1. How do people usually help each other?

Answer – Again I would say this is a very nice question so there are 2 things here first people can help each other financially if someone is not having money and he is facing some financial crunch then one can always help the financially second thing is if you want to help someone physically like I can relate this to me as my father is disabled and in his office, many youngsters like me are very humble to help him every day, so they are helping my father physically so there are 2 ways as we as I mentioned people can help either financially or physically

Question 2. How is online help different from real-life help?

Answer – Yes, that is one way of helping and people prefer these days to help online, so it is a perfect way, first of all, to help nail because you can come to know about a person who is in need of, let’s say, some financial help so he can be posted on social media sites or any site of a non-governmental organization the donors can see through this post and if they find it well and authentic they can always help and why I like this kind of help the most is a person who is sitting in another corner of the world can help people in any country because the Internet is accepted worldwide and people have their social media accounts also so this is a perfect way to help each other in coronavirus pandemic also we have seen this that our relatives staying overseas have helped in I mean they have helped financially through this website only, and it has made a huge difference

Question 3. Should schools be responsible for teaching students how to cooperate?

Answer – Yes, of course, we should always teach our children how to be cooperative, so basically the best way to do this is to introduce a subject on this in the syllabus when they are studying in school so that there it can add precious value like a particular student and at that very young age when they’re so vulnerable when they come to know about this good values it can be beneficial to the entire society

Question 4. What are the differences between help from friends and help from family?

Answer – Well this is again an excellent question I must say so there are 2 things friends and family friends are there to help in minimal situations like if a person is passing through some emotional problems, then a friend can always help him to be cheerful again while the family is that to help in huge problems like if a person is facing some issues in his career or he has some financial crunch. Hence, both of them have their own significance.

Question 5. Do you like helping others?

Answer – Yes, I have learned from my father that when and where it is possible to help anyone, we should always come further to help, so it is in my nature to help any person in need. Having said that, it should be within my limits

Question 6. Are people helpful nowadays?

Answer – well, if you talk about a decade ago, people were not that much help. They were really enthusiastic and motivated about their careers. Still, since this coronavirus pandemic has started in 2019 December, people have realised that the real value in life is to maintain relationships with their relatives and friends, so now I see this positive part due to these wires that they have started helping each other like many foundations in this lockdown situation have come further to help poor people to provide free food. Many are providing free medical facilities. That was never before 5 years or 10 years, so I know that this situation has brought a tragedy to the entire globe. Still, it has brought some positive values to the world. That’s why people has started understanding each other, and they have started to value their family members. They have become more helpful to the entire society.

Question 7. Can people trust others easily in current times?

Answer – I think in recent years people don’t trust each other easily because they find it difficult to do it as in recent times the virtual world has emerged a lot and cases of fraud has increased like anything so in older times people were very humble, and they were very generous I must say in this time people have become much selfish towards their family and then their own self, so one individual is always in doubt to trust a stranger

Question 8. What do you think is the reason behind people’s not helping behaviour?

Answer – well, first of all, people do not have that mentality that they don’t want to help. There are certain situations which make people do like that first if someone is asking a person to help them financially and the person is not having that much amount money then he will not be able to help, so that is first thing secondly people always doubt another people another person before helping because as I mentioned earlier, there are some trust issues in the society when an individual is coming further to help and it is indeed right they are rightly thinking this because it has happened in society that people moreover take advantage of such people who are coming further to help so as I said there are 2 things here that’s why people hesitate these days to help

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