Many Working People Get Little or No Exercise during the Working Day

Many working people get little or no exercise during the working day or in their free time and have health problems as a result. Why do many people do net enough time to exercise? What can be done about this problem?

In recent years, it is learnt that professionals in most of the countries barely do any physical activity neither on a working day nor in their spare time. This essay will discuss two main causes of this problem: busy work schedules and lack of knowledge. Two solutions, such as maintaining work-life balance and giving knowledge about health, are also suggested in the below composition.

Firstly, it cannot be denied that people nowadays have become busier than they used to be earlier because of their demanding and challenging jobs, which keep them busy the whole day and not allow them to do some exercise. Additionally, people also like to work more to climb the corporate ladder in their career as soon as possible. As a result, people, especially youngsters, have started getting some serious health issues living a sedentary lifestyle. Secondly, they do not have the knowledge about health as it is not, generally, covered in any syllabus. Even though keeping a fit body and mind can be helpful for them to work efficiently, they ignore this part because they do not have enough wisdom. A prime example of this can be professionals in the USA, where they more often extend their working hours to get an early promotion. They do not take care of their precious health for years, ending up inviting life-threatening diseases.

As it is rightly said, “Every problem can be encountered if you have the desire and right direction” To resolve such issues, employers must track the working hours of their employees, and they should put some penalty when an employee is found working after working hours. Indeed, exceptions should be considered here. In this way, those who are not doing exercise because of their busy schedule will surely hit a local gym which will ultimately help them to live a happy life. Other than this, schools should introduce health subjects such as yoga so that students get all the essential health knowledge. For professionals, foundations, and non-government organizations should come further to make the entire society aware of the serious health troubles they might face if they do not do any physical activity. Thus, if people have the time and correct wisdom about the benefits of doing regular exercise, they will not risk themselves.

To conclude, two main reasons- busy work schedules and lack of knowledge are discussed along with solutions such as keeping a work-life balance and spreading wisdom and awareness of doing regular exercise. In this way, society would surely mitigate such issues up to some extent.

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