Describe a Skill that You Would like to Teach Others

Describe a skill that you would like to teach others (other than drawing, cooking, or writing). Please say

– What is it?

– Whom would you like to teach?

– Why did you choose this skill?

– And explain why this skill is beneficial.

Sample Answer of Describe a Skill that You Would like to Teach Others

I want to describe a skill that I would like to teach others, and the skill is baking. I would like to teach the skill to young wives and mothers or intending mothers, and the reason why I chose this is that it’s going to be a helpful skill for mothers and young wives at home.

It is beneficial in the preparation of quick snacks for the family. It is also helpful in cutting costs. For instance, if one of the children is having a birthday and the mother is knowledgeable on how to bake, it’ll be easier for her to bake a cake and present it to the child for the birthday. Also, children go to school with snacks, and mothers who don’t know how to bake will have to buy the snacks in grocery stores which might be costlier and not as healthy as making them at home. It is also a mode of family bonding because you can always involve the family members in the preparation of those snacks.

It also reduces the stress of having to cook all the time.

Follow-Ups Describe a Skill that You Would like to Teach Others

Question 1:- What are the necessary qualities to be a good teacher?

Answer –  There are various skills that a teacher needs to have. One of the necessary skills needed to be a good teacher is an observational skill. Observation ineffective teaching is to see if what you are teaching has actually been assimilated by the students. Another one is diversity, and this has to do with different modes of teaching, different techniques in teaching people such that if you use a particular method and it is not effective, you can change to another type of method. Good listening skill is another one, and this skill has to do with the ability to listen to what the students are saying and be able to quantify whether their knowledge is being affected by what you are teaching them or not.

Question 2:- Can anyone become a teacher?

Answer – Since a good teacher is known for their ability to impart knowledge effectively to their students, not just anyone can become a teacher. It is only those who have the heart of patience to impart knowledge into people’s lives that can effectively become a teacher and a good one. Also, a lot of people become teachers by the book but not by heart. You may be able to go to class and download anything on your head, but if you’re unable to affect the lives of those who are listening to you, you are not a teacher by heart, and that virtue is not found in everybody.

Question 3:- Is it important to have a teacher to learn something?

Answer –  There are some skills that do not actually need teachers before they can be learned, but there are some major skills as well that warrant us having a teacher because before such skills can be acquired. For instance, if you have never handled a camera, you might be able to learn how to do that while watching YouTube videos and the rest, but it may not be easy to learn to be an engineer without having to go through a teacher who would have impacted the knowledge of both the theory and practical aspect to such an individual.

Question 4:- Do you think a teacher should use humor to teach?

Answer –  If the students learn faster with humor, it won’t be a bad idea as the goal of teaching is being met. It may not be acceptable in other cases; it is advisable that the teacher observe first before applying humor in teaching.

Question 5:- Do you think the environment plays a major role in teaching?

Answer –  Very well, an aesthetic environment stimulates learning. Students are believed to assimilate well in a conducive and aerated environment. I remember a seminar I attended, the environment was so ventilated, conducive, and stimulating such that I remember every bit of what was taught to date.

Question 6:- Is the current education system failing to keep up with the change in society, in your opinion?

Answer –  In my opinion, I don’t think so because the majority of educational institutions are now making use of technology like projectors and so many more to aid teaching. Many times they use audio-visual devices such that while they’re teaching, they’re also showing what they’re teaching to the students. So I don’t think they are not keeping up with society as it goes.

Question 7:- Do you think Artificial Intelligence can replace a teacher?

Answer –  Actually, I don’t think artificial intelligence can replace the position of a teacher. Like I said earlier, teaching has to do with the heart; it is not just by standing in front of a class and expressing yourself. It has to be a flow and also a relationship between the student and the teacher. Artificial intelligence like robots cannot deliver such to students, and in that way, they cannot replace the position of a teacher. Though artificial intelligence is quite good, the position of a teacher can not be overemphasized.

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