Describe a Tall Building in Your Hometown You like or Dislike

Describe a tall building in your hometown you like or dislike

  • Where it is
  • What it is used for
  • What it looks like

Sample Answer of Describe a Tall Building in Your Hometown You like or Dislike

In the centre of my hometown, there is a five-star hotel named Park Plaza. This is in one of the Porsche areas of my city. Usually, famous personalities like actors, actresses, singers and business tycoons stay during their visits. It has around 15 floors and is one of the luxurious hotels.

The hotel has all its walls marbled with an antique look which makes it outstanding. Every room has a balcony decorated with plants, hangings and antiques. There is a huge fountain at the entrance, and it is the centre of attraction. I want to spend a day in Park plaza at least once in my lifetime.

Follow-ups Describe a Tall Building in Your Hometown You like or Dislike.

Question 1. Compare thе differences bеtwееn thе constructions іn уоur city wіth thеm іn 20 years ago? Describe thе building styles іn details?

Answer – 20 years ago, buildings did not usually have more than 2 storeys. They mostly had the same designs and same dull colours, unlike the buildings with unique infrastructure, bright and attractive colours and Glasswork on their outers nowadays. Having front and backyard gardens is an amazing new trend.

Question 2. Whаt аrе people’s attitudes tо оld building today аnd thаt оf оur lаtеr generation? Shоuld wе protect them? Why?

Answer – Old buildings usually have antique looks, and few of them are treated as historical places which amaze people and are used for public visits. We should definitely protect the old buildings as the designs are quite impressive and can be studied and used in our new buildings with modifications for finer infrastructure.

Question 3. Whаt role dо уоu thіnk thе оld аnd modern buildings play іn thе society?

Answer – Old and modern buildings both reflect their own era. New buildings show our future and the importance of luxury in our lives whereas old buildings are our history and keep the society connected to its roots.

Question 4. Compare thе differences bеtwееn house аnd apartment?

Answer – Apartments are more secured and affordable than houses. We are closely connected with other families staying in the same building and celebrating occasions together. Whereas houses have their own advantages as there are fewer restrictions and we can have our personal gardens with less interference. We do not have any shared roofs to enjoy our time.

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