You Are Leaving Your Job and Would like to Invite Your Friend to Replace You

You are leaving your job and would like to invite your friend to replace you. Write a letter to your friend. In your letter, you should:
-describe the job
-explain the reason you are leaving
-tell him/her why you would recommend the job to them.

Hi Smith,

It’s been a long since we met. I hope you enjoyed your trip to the USA. Guess what! I’ve got a piece of exciting news for you. As I’m leaving my job in the next month, I wondered if you could join my current company in the same position I am serving. That’s why I’m writing this letter to you.

Let me give you some details. As you already know, my company is one of the best in the town, and I’m leading the product development team, which is really exciting and rewarding. However, I’ve to join my brother’s business in my hometown because his business grew a lot last year, and he badly needs my help. Besides this, my father is also not doing well with his health. Therefore, I’ve decided to leave my job.

All in all, my firm cannot get a better alternative than you. Not just because you belong to a similar field, but you’ve got a rich experience of the overall industry. On top of this, the office is just on the next street from your home, which undoubtedly saves you time.

How about discussing this further on a video call this weekend? Don’t be lazy! I’ve to inform my manager to initiate your interview process, so be quick to respond.

Your friend,

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