Describe a Time when You Shared Something with Others: Recent Speaking Cue card

Describe a time when you shared something with others, You should say

  • What do you share?
  • Who do you share with?
  • Why do you share it?
  • And explain how you felt about sharing it?

Sample Answer of Describe a Time when You Shared Something with Others

Sharing anything is indeed the best way to make feelings with others and show that you care for them, and it also helps strengthen the bonding between two persons. Here I would like to talk about one personal experience of my life sharing a room with my friend. Still, I remember two years back when I move to Ludhiana to prepare forest paper. That time I took one room for living suddenly after three days my friend came and asked me to share a room with him. At that time, I was quite disappointed to hear that on that time my mother made me understand the importance of sharing with others. I took a few days to adjust to my friend but soon enjoyed their company. Together, we do many things like a piece of listening to music and playing indoor games while studying together. A few times, we become so comfortable and come closer to each other. This is the experience of my life. I am very grateful to my mother, who taught me the lesson and significance of sharing things with others. Now, I do not hesitate to share anything with anybody.

Follow-ups of Describe a Time when You Shared Something with Others

Question 1:- Do you like to share?

Answer- Yes, definitely sharing is a good habit. I also like to share many things such as close and electronic equipment with my friends and my siblings.

Question 2:- What are the consequences if children don’t like to share?

Answer- It is a very good thing if a person shares things with others because if they share things with others, other people also help them. Children should have this habit because it is very beneficial for their upcoming future. If children do not like to share, they might face several problems while growing up in any kind of work.

Question 3:- How do you feel about sharing accommodations with others on campus?

Answer- Sharing in combination with others on campus allows us to meet different kinds of people and make new friends. There is no doubt that privacy is essential it can share accommodation but do not share a room with others. I can share my room with others only when the person has the same mindset as me.

Question 4:- How could parents and teachers teach young children to share?

Answer- It is well not that children always copy things from their elders. They can follow in the elder’s footsteps. Parents and teachers are role models for youngsters. If both share things with others, then children will like to share things, and there is no need to give them extra lessons about sharing.

Question 5:- Do people in your country (or, you) prefer to share public transport or do they (you) prefer to use private transport?

Answer- It depends on different things such as time destination or any financial status. If individuals have enough time, they use public transport, which helps them save money e; on the other hand, few people are very introverted and like to travel alone and use their vehicle.

Question 6:- Do many people in your country share their home with others or do they mostly live alone?

Answer- these days several people indeed move to big cities from the village for their better future they can buy their own house but some leave-in rent house they cannot share their home with others. Only share their house with their relative’s friends sometimes.

Question 7:- Do you think there are any advantages to sharing your home with other (non-family) people?

Answer- Yes, the major advantage is that most people move to two cities for a better future. They prefer to live in a rented house. There are a lot of benefits to sharing the house with others. It can reduce their rent, electricity bills, internet bill and many additional charges.

Question 8:- Would you ever share your food with someone else?

Answer- Yes, I call my memory in school time. I have a lot of friends. I shared my food with my bench mate.

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