Describe a Time when You’Re Waiting for Something Special that Would Happen

Describe a time when you’re waiting for something special that would happen

; You should say

  • What you waited for
  • Where you waited
  • Why it was special
  • And explain how you felt when you were waiting

Sample Answer of Describe a Time when You’Re Waiting for Something Special That Would Happen

There are many times in our life when we have to wait for something for too long. I have also been through plenty of such experiences, and I must say that sometimes it becomes more wearisome when our minds are flooded with negative assumptions. Here I would like to talk about one such incident. When I ordered something online, and It took almost one month to deliver to my doorstep. It was last year, after my university exam, I was at home and decided to study for IELTS, which is an international English testing system designed to help people to migrate to foreign countries for work or study. I applied for the exam and started to prepare for it because I wanted to pursue my career in a foreign country. I needed some study material for efficient preparations.

So I enquired about the books in local markets and with my friends, but it wasn’t available. So I decided to order updated versions of books online. I booked my products through the famous online portal Amazon. I was promised a quick delivery from their side, but they kept waiting for me too long. When I didn’t receive my order, I contacted their customer service after a week, but I was appalled to know that my order was actually stuck somewhere on the way and it would take another one week to deliver. However, it wasn’t delivered even after a week. I kept calling the Amazon team, but they just apologized and kept pushing the delivery date one week after another.

I was almost having an anxiety attack because my exam was getting near, and study material we’re in no sight. Finally, my books were delivered after a month of the order date. Only I know the way I managed all this time. I browsed for materials and prepared for the exam. But I also took some help from my friends. But I could prepare properly only after getting the books. It is really difficult to stay patient when we have to wait for something we need desperately.

Follow-ups Describe a Time when You’Re Waiting for Something Special That Would Happen

Question 1:- On what occasions do people usually need to wait?

Answer –  I think in humans’ life the majority of the part is convicted to waiting for something. These are an array of events in our life for instance while booking the ticket, waiting for the ordered food in the restaurant, waiting for the transportation moreover if the power or internet is shutdown we will definitely wait for it to turn on. So in our, everyday life waiting is there as always as like an unwelcomed friend.

Question 2:- Who behaves better when waiting for children or adults?

Answer – Adults have more patience than children because they already had such past experiences of waiting, and they might know the worth of waiting for particular things, whereas children are easily distractable with a lack of patience, so they will give up whatever’s they are doing immediately for something else.

Question 3:- Compared to the past, are people less patient now? Why?

Answer – Yes, in the fast pacing world people also tend to think and act fastly, so everything should be needed then within a short span of time for instance if ordered a portion of food within 30 minutes the food will be at their dusk. So the people are now getting more impatient, and the long queues make their distress.

Question 4:- What are the positive and negative effects of waiting on society?

Answer – Waiting impacts the society in a positive way that citizens have to wait for the new developments of the company or for establishing new organizations in their society, change is slow progress, so it must take time to develop. On the other side, the negative impact is waiting for too long for ambulance service might be fatal to someone if the ambulance is stuck in the traffic, which will be contributing a negative impact.

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